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Many people think that "aging" only begins after the age of 25; In fact, our skin has experienced the process of growth and aging since we are born.
The senescence of the human body is most obvious on the skin. When the skin shows dark spots, dullness, thickened stratum corneum, etc., that is the beginning of senescence.
The human body is a basic cell from the primary oocyte, and it begins to divide and increase after fertilization; When the age of 15, it reaches the peak and starts to decrease. This is because the accumulation of toxins and the destruction of free radicals slowly destroy the "embryonic origin" of human cells, hinder the vitality of "metabolism", it reduces the functions of tissues, organs, glands, and immunity, leading to aging and illness.
The above is the aging condition before the age of 25, these exogenous factors in human aging can be improved by patient maintenance, but after the age of 25, those internal factors that cause aging due to genetic inheritance will accelerate the aging process and irreversible. It is because 25,000 genes controlled by human DNA that cause cells to secrete more than 100,000 cellular biotins, but after 25 years old these cellular biotins and their concentration continue to decrease, which makes the human body start to senescence.

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skincare products

Nattier, a high-tech product from Switzerland, to get flawless skin for women. After 18 years of clinical trials, it has obtained several international patents. The destruction of free radicals and the aging of cells cause reduced secretion of cytokines, leading to aging and damage to the skin. Nattier cell culture method- cellular biotins use a unique and perfect mixture of cell peptides to deliver skin-nourishing ingredients to areas that require continuous maintenance Not only can it help the tissues under the skin to naturally produce collagen, but it can also activate, repair, and strengthen the skin and continue to supply nutrients, without irritation, and zero burdens on the skin, making the skin softer and smoother and preventing skin problems from reappearing.

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Health Supplements

The Nattier brand health food is guided by the formula of SINOBA GmbH in Switzerland. The WAND HEALTH USA manufacturer produces the most natural and comprehensive health food. Experts develop a quality certification, meet safety inspection standards, SGS inspection certification, efficacy, reputation guarantee, and health supplement Choose to provide the most complete care for the whole family.

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