About Nattier

NATTIER is developed in Swiss and it aims to perfect women skin. Has been performing clinical laboratories for 18 years, NATTIER receives many international patents. All raw materials for cosmetic products are from Swiss SinobaGmbH and packaged by GMP, contain no preservative and chemical flavor. It is suitable for all kinds of skin. NATTIER Skin Care List – is developed by Sinoba CH GmbH Company. Dr. ChiaHan-Lie is the team leader who has owned many patents on anti-ageing products in 1986~1987. The patents were published in “EUROPEAN BIOLOGY AND PHARMIC RESEARCH” in 1988. Dr. Chia-Han Lie received an invitation from the Chinese government to give a lecture in technology related topics. In 1994, Dr. Chia-Han Lie also was in charge of chemistry related safety control task. Dr. Chia, Han-Lie started the Sinoba CH GmbH Company on May 18th 1995 at Spalengraben CH 4051, Switzerland. Sinoba CH GmbH Company formed a partnership with Din-Shan International Corporation (TSI Taiwan) for the brand establishment and product development in the European market. In 2005 — NATTIER became one of the Sponsors for the Global Lady of North American.